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Bespoke Fitted Furniture by MTM Herman

At MTM Herman company we believe that each house deserves the design that reflects the sophisticated taste of its owners. That is why we offer bespoke fitted furniture adjusted to the space of the apartment and the desired outcome. Our products are not manufactured – they are handcrafted with great attention paid to every detail. We also select the highest quality materials in order to achieve the most amazing, beautiful final result.

MTM Herman

Unlimited creative potential

We offer solutions for every kind of house – it does not matter whether you would like to equip your old farm house or you want to introduce a new look to your cosy London flat. Our experience allows us to craft bespoke fitted furniture according to any style and spatial requirements. As a result, we answer the needs of people enjoying bold, innovative style as well as those of you who appreciate traditional, toned down projects and solutions.

Made to measure Wardrobes

Need more space for your clothes? Get a bespoke wardrobe – one that will take up the perfect amount of space while giving you tons of clothing space!

Built in Wardrobes

Have you got a crevice that is just begging you to use it? See what we can do with it with our built-in wardrobe service!

Bespoke Kitchens

No kitchen can serve you better than one made specifically for you – with our bespoke services, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Bespoke Cupboards

Storage space can be tricky – but with our bespoke cupboards, you can get exactly the right amount of space that you need.

Great Works

No impossible tasks

Even the most unusual requests, shapes, colours and sizes can be designed and handcrafted by our team. We are open to any new challenge and always try to create bespoke fitted furniture exactly according to your specifications. No awkward corners, small spaces, ovals and other unusual requests are a problem for us. They do require more work to ideally blend it in with available space, but there are virtually no impossible tasks for us.

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Great Works

Combination of practicality and elegance

MTM Herman’s team understands how important it is to skilfully combine elegance, comfort of use and functionality. Which is why our bespoke fitted furniture is not only great to look at, but also amazing when it comes to its everyday use. The wardrobes, cupboards, shelves and other items are very solid and practical, thus you can enjoy their advantages fully.

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The Best

Why chose mtm herman joinery?

Because of our years of experience in the industry, skills of our craftsmen and quality of work on every project. We realise how important it is to you to get perfect bespoke fitted furniture for your house and we make all the effort required to satisfy your needs. We listen to your ideas, translate them into a plan of work, select the best ideas and create even the most original solutions, ideal for your London flat. You can trust our:



Quality of work

Individual approach

Precision of every
crafted detail

The Best

Small sample of our work

We have prepared for you a tiny sample of our capabilities when it comes to the production of bespoke fitted furniture. The pictures present made to measure wardrobes, cupboards, bookshelves and several other solutions, popularly chosen for London flats and houses. However, remember that our work means creating new, unique items for each client, thus yours can be completely different from the ones presented in the examples.

If you have any questions regarding joinery – whether it’s something you need in your home, or if you just want to learn more details about our line of work – contact us now! We can give you all the details you need, as well as a free quotation if you decide that our services are what you’re looking for!